Specialty Industries Board of Directors meet at 4:15 p.m. on the first Monday of each month except for January and July. Any changes in date or times will be posted on our Facebook page under About.   

Diana Slater - Past President  

Phil Colclough - President  

Lee Ann Smiley - Vice-President  

Brad Keller - Treasurer 

Mary Gaston - Secretary  

Ron Auxier - Board Member  

Nancy Potter - Board Member  

Bertha Caldwell - Board Member  

Tony Claycomb - Board Member  

Jack Hochard - Board Member  

Tim Hruby - Board Member  

Carolyn Sollars - Board Member 

Steve Stumpf - Board Member 

Lana Beavers - Board Member 

Judy Hausman - Board Member 

Frank Stanley - Board Member  

Frank Still - Board Member 

Dianne Dewey- Board Member