General Information

    Specialty Industries is dedicated to providing meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities. We provide a clean, safe and climate controlled working environment for our employees. All production employees are certified for sheltered employment. 


    Specialty Industries does not provide transportation for our employees: however, St. Joseph Transit includes our facility on their daily route. We also have grants to offset the cost of OATS transportation. 

      Employment Requirements

    Specialty Industries employs persons with developmental and/or physical disabilities. All employees must be at least 16 years of age and certified for sheltered workshop employment. Requirements for certification are established by the state. Greg Noland, our employee relations manager, will guide you through the requirements. 



Specialty Industries Schedule

   Production employees work from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Employees are provided with two ten minute breaks and a thirty minute lunch break. 

Diversified Employment

   Specialty Industries provides a wide range of production tasks. These tasks include packaging, labeling, collating, box erecting, quality control sorting, component assembly, shrink-wrapping and other high labor intensity processes. 


    Specialty Industries employs well trained professional staff who supervise fifteen to twenty production employees, performing their assigned task. All Staff and Management personnel are certified in CPR. 


    Employees are paid at a piece rate. Employees earn their wage based on their individual production performance. It is our policy to make job assignments based upon the abilities of individual production employees and the deadlines of each job. 

Other Service Agency Resources:

Albany Regional 

Family Guidance

Progressive Community Services 

Public Administrator

St. Joseph Youth Alliance

United Way of Greater St. Joseph

Vocational Rehabilitation


For more information contact: 

Greg Noland, Employee Relations Manager 

        Phone: 816-232-8083 


Or Paul Bridenstine at paul@specialty-industries.com